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You will receive information about our range of services, our main areas of focus, how to find us, and a few things about our practice. In addition to the complete spectrum of diagnostics and treatment of skin diseases and aesthetic medicine, we offer private patients and self-payers flexible appointment scheduling, a pleasant atmosphere in a contemporary setting, and plenty of time and attention. We treat you individually according to the latest and highest medical standards and with the most modern equipment to guarantee you the best possible diagnostics and treatment.

Our specialties:
Pediatric dermatology
Aesthetic medicine
Medical cosmetics

Medical hair loss – causes and treatment

Dear readers, medical hair loss can have various causes. Here are some common types of medical hair loss and their causes:...

Acne? – No thanks!

Dear readers, have you always dreamed of having beautiful and flawless skin, but unfortunately your skin is thwarting your plans thanks to your acne and...

White skin cancer – causes and treatment

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Everything you need to know about melanoma

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Everything you need to know about dermatological emergencies

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Eczema and psoriasis: Two common skin diseases explained

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Skin cancer screening

Skin cancer prevention refers to measures for the early detection of skin cancer, including regular skin examinations by a dermatologist. These precautionary measures are...
In addition, all practice rooms are equipped with filter systems and UVC disinfection.
We ask you not to visit the practice if you have a fever or respiratory problems.
We ask you not to bring any additional people to the practice, exceptions are people accompanying minors or the disabled, as well as interpreters.


Conservative dermatology

Aesthetic dermatology 

Laser and focused ultrasound therapy

Holistic and alternative therapy methods 

Medical cosmetics


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