Terms and Conditions Dermatology and Aesthetic medicine at the Alte Oper, private practice Ute Falk, Opernplatz 6, 60313 Frankfurt



  1. Unless otherwise agreed, these general terms and conditions apply to the contractual relationships between the doctor and the patient.
  2. If the treatment contract is concluded with a person other than the patient, the regulations apply equally to this person


§ 2 legal relationship


The legal relationships between the doctor and the patient are of a private law nature.


§ 3 Medical documentation and data protection

  1. The personal and medical data of the patients are stored electronically in a protected form in accordance with the requirements of the EU GDPR in the interest of continuous medical documentation and access to information required for further treatments. Patient contact deleted. The medical documentation, in particular patient files, examination results and other records, is the property of the doctor.
  2. The patient or a legally authorized representative has the right to inspect the medical documentation. There is no entitlement to the surrender of the original documents. Upon request, copies of the written documentation can be provided against reimbursement of costs.
  3. Notwithstanding Paragraph 2, the temporary surrender of original documents to the patient or a person authorized by the patient is possible, provided that the doctor's interests do not predominantly conflict. The expenses incurred as a result must be reimbursed prior to dispatch and receipt of the recordings must be acknowledged. The transfer can be refused until the expenses have been settled.
  4. The collection, use and processing of the data, including their transfer, is carried out in compliance with the legal regulations, in particular the provisions on data protection (EU GDPR, BDSG, TMG etc.), medical confidentiality and social secrecy.
  5. The patient agrees that his treatment data and findings can be transmitted electronically by the doctor to his family doctor / doctor / hospital providing further treatment for documentation and further treatment purposes.

He is further I agree that treatment data and findings available from the general practitioner / pretreating doctor / pretreating hospital can be requested by the doctor, also electronically, insofar as these are necessary for the treatment.


  1. With the conclusion of the treatment contract, the patient consents to the transfer of his data for the purpose of medical information and invoicing to doctors commissioned to perform laboratory-medical or pathological-anatomical services. With the conclusion of the treatment contract, he expressly agrees to the commissioning of these doctors for medically necessary examinations and consents to the payment of the resulting fees.
  2. With the conclusion of the treatment contract, the patient expressly consents to being contacted by the practice in writing, by telephone or by fax, SMS or email for information, appointment, recall and medical purposes. The patient has the right to give this consent at any time Revoke notification of practice for the future.
  3. According to EU-GDPR and BDSG, the patient can object to the storage of his personal and / or medical data at any time for the future, but not retroactively.
  4. Further regulations can be found in the practice's data protection declaration, which is published on the company's website and is available for inspection in the practice rooms.


§ 4 Fee

  1. The remuneration for the services of the doctor is to be paid by the payer regardless of any reimbursements by insurance companies, aid agencies or the like and is determined in accordance with the provisions of the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ) in the currently valid version
  2. Consultation, especially on aesthetic dermatology / medicine, is a chargeable medical service and is charged to the patient
  3. Aesthetic medicine services are to be paid for in cash or by EC card immediately after the treatment has been completed
  4. The practice is run according to the ordering system. Therefore, the agreed treatment appointments are exclusively fixed appointments and the treatment times are kept free for the patient alone.
  5. If the patient is unable to keep the appointment, he or she has to inform the doctor's practice at least 24 hours by phone or email before the agreed appointment.
  6. If the patient does not comply, he has to pay the doctor a cancellation fee of € 35 per reserved and canceled 30 minutes.
  1. The claim for damages does not apply if the patient is prevented from canceling or attending the appointment in good time through no fault of his own.
  2. In addition, the patient is free to prove that the doctor incurred no or less damage than the claimed flat-rate damage.

§ 5 Payment Regulations

  1. With the conclusion of the treatment contract, the patient consents to the transfer of his data for the purpose of invoicing to the private medical accounting office PRIVA GmbH in 63688 Gedern, which is subject to confidentiality.
  2. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.
  3. The patient is in default after a reminder, but no later than 30 days after receipt of the invoice. From this point on, interest will be charged on the invoice amount at five percent above the base rate or a higher rate actually paid by the doctor. Additional reminder or processing fees can be charged for each reminder.


§ 6 Prohibition of assignment

The assignment of not Legally established or undisputed claims from the treatment relationship are excluded unless the doctor agrees to them beforehand.

§ 7 Limitation of Liability

  1. The doctor is only liable for damage to items brought in that remain in the care of the patient in the event of willful intent and gross negligence. The same applies to loss of money and
  2. No liability is assumed for the patient's cloakroom that he leaves in the practice rooms.

§ 8 final clause

Should provisions of these general terms and conditions are or become ineffective or contain a loophole, the remaining provisions remain unaffected.

Frankfurt, May 28, 2018 Dr. med. Ute Falk

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