Permanent hair removal

Several different laser systems / pulsed flash lamps are available for permanent hair removal, which are used depending on the hair quality.

The bundled light of the laser / IPL penetrates the skin without damaging it to the roots of the hair. Along the hair pigments, the light hits the hair root (hair follicle) and finally destroys it without damaging the other skin structures.

Laser / IPL depilation is suitable for all body and facial hair in women and men. If the skin is dark, the application must be carried out very carefully so as not to destroy the body's own pigment. Since hair is generally in different growth phases, several treatment sessions are required. The treatments are usually carried out without local anesthesia, but with cooling of the respective skin areas. When used correctly, the skin is only slightly reddened, in rare cases blistering can occur. Before each laser treatment, there is always a detailed explanation of the respective skin and hair properties and the chances of success.



Upper lip, chin €80, beard, neck €110

Axilla €80 Axilla €80

Bikini area €80, breast €120

Thigh €150. Neck €80

Lower legs €150. Shoulders €140

Face, neck €120, neck €80

Belly complete €130 Belly €120

Forearms 120€ Back, arms On request


Other zones possible on request. Contact us!

Prices include VAT


Duration of treatment

depending on the area between 25-40 minutes per treatment


Depending on the hair structure, at least 6 - 8 treatments per area

Side effects

Redness, feeling of tightness, in rare cases blistering

After treatment

No direct sunlight for at least 4 weeks


Heavily pigmented skin types, pregnancy

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